The Snow Leopard

If you have a difficult time with self-knowledge, animals can tell you a great deal about yourself.

From ancient times the people of Mother Earth have sought visions and messages from the Great Spirit. In the beginning, the Creator communicated with us through our interaction with nature. All of nature is connected at an unseen level. The animals, plants, and rocks all had lessons to teach us and messages to share. The messages helped us survive and provided us with direction, protection, compassion, and healing.

Snow Leopard lives in remote areas of Asia’s Himalayan Mountains. This beautiful cat is well adapted to mountain life. Snow Leopard has a round head, very broad paws and a long round tail. The cushions of his paws are covered with hair which prevents the animal from sinking into the snow. The thick coat of this animal is smoky-gray, covered with ringed spots of black on brown. Snow Leopard makes his den in crevices and rocky caverns. This elusive animal is extremely rare. He is a solitary creature and only pairs with another of its kind during the breeding season. The female gives birth to one to four young in the spring. Snow Leopard’s prey includes wild boars, wild sheep, hares, marmots, mice, deer and gazelles. This animal is most active in the early morning and late afternoon.

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