(last updated 9/2/08) HOWIE CONFIDENTIAL

Howie’s Secret

Howie (Howie-AKA Sweet D) Dwaine Dorough parents are Hoke, a police officer, and Paula, a housewife. He admits that he was treated differently from the rest of his brother and sisters; he was someone special. Howie does not have a shy bone in his body. He's supremely confident yet modest, and he is always happy to make sure the Backstreetboys remain most popular vocal groups. He was very close with his late sister, PollyAnna. Howie did a little acting in some movies. He likes to dance that been his passion. Howie's been the group's chief ambassador to a world of new fans. He doesn't like team sports too much. He prefers to water-ski or play racquetball. Howie’s recently indulged in then ultimate sporty car — a new Chevrolet Corvette. His favourite trashy thrill is watching antics of guests on the Jerry Springer Show. He takes the longest to get dress, very finicky about his clothes. He has a phobia of heights like Brian. He has a laptop computer. He loves stomach-crunches before bed. An energetic dancer with a gift for taking the band's music to new audiences.

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