Last updated 9/11/08
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Basic Thoughts on Bowling

Bowling is an easy sport, yet difficult to play sometimes. You have to know where to get good equipment. There are many forms to bowling. First you need a good bowling alley. Then you must go to a pro shop near you to find very good equipment. There are all kinds of bowling balls to choose from in a pro shop. There are the cheap and the expensive kind. The cheap kind is balls that are made of polyester or plastic. The expensive ones are the urethane and reactive urethane or the reactive resin, and resin. I think you should take a lot of time to pick the right kind of ball for you. Ever person has his or her own taste when it comes to picking bowling balls. The next step is once you choose the right ball, then you must get it drilled correctly to fit your hand. The pro-shop driller will let you know what span is the right one for you. They ask you to stick your fingers in these black inserts with holes to see what finger size feels good. Once you tell them which one fits fine then the driller in the pro shop can then drill your holes. Ball spans go by letters. Each letter you use for your span determines how he has to drill the holes.

12 Principles of Better Bowling
    1. To obtain positive results, a positive attitude is positively vital.
    2. Prior to every shot you must make certain that no foreign object has become in your way.
    3. Determine your strategy before you step onto the approach.
    4. Everything starts with a good pushaway, in which the ball is projected forward and toward your target.
    5. Keep your eyes riverted on your target throughout your entire delivery and until after the ball has rolled past the arrows.
    6. As in life, proper (consistent) timing is vital.
    7. Maximum striking power derives from executing a proper release while the ball is still within the leverge window.
    8. Upon releasing the ball your shoulders must be square (perpendicular) to your target.
    9. Follow through at your target.
    10. Your job isn’t over or any shot until you have carefully observed how you ball has reacted to the lanes and to the pins so that you can make any necessary adjustments on subsequent deliveries.
    11. Never forget that ignorance is only blissfull to your opponent. Knowledge, confidence and practice are the keys to good bowling.
    12. Good luck, and always have fun.