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AJ’s Secret

Alexander James (AJ, aka Bone) McLean was born at Bethesda Memorial Hospital in Palm Beach, Florida. His father Robert worked with computers for IBM, while his mother Denise was employed at a local hotel. His parents divorced when he was four. AJ has a large family; although he was an only child, his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins always admired his talented. AJ is the most flirtatious and romantic guy of the Backstreet group. He took classes in dancing and singing he loved and acting too! He loves to shop for all kinds of different clothing to wear for himself. He has funky club clothes to jerseys. He has a home in Orlando. Sammy Davis Jr. is one of his idols. AJ says if he didn’t do show business he would have liked to study psychology. He had a speech impediment as young kid, a lisp and a stutter. Yellow is his favourite colour. He has his own pillow on tour. He loves sunglasses. And his favourite bsb song is “10,000 Promises”.

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