Last updated 11-07-08

What can I say about this one-of-a-kind game? I mean it’s been around for many years and there are so many different versions of it now. I have several. The game was created in 1979 by Scott Abbott. In 1984 over 20 million games were sold. The rights to the game were licensed to Parker Brothers (now part of Hasbro) in 1988.

Animations - running ribbon

Trivial Pursuit is the original trivia game that started it all. Each player has a circular playing piece with six pie-shaped holes. The goal of the game is to collect a pie in each color. The colors correspond to different question categories. The board consists of a circular track with spaces in seven different colors. Six of the colors correspond to question categories while the last color gives a new dice roll. Six spaces along the track are “pie spaces”, and from these there are “spokes” of track leading to the middle of the board. Players roll a die and move along the track in any direction they like. When a player stops on a color they get a question of the appropriate category. If the player answers a question correctly while on a pie space, they get a pie of that color (assuming they don’t already have it). A correct answer on another square allows the player to roll again. Once the player has one pie in each color, she can move along the spokes to the middle of the board to win the game. (From the official game site.)

I don’t have:
  • Genius Edition (dark blue box)
I have:
  • Master Game Young Player Edition (turquoise box)
  • Genus III
  • Trivial Pursuit IV
  • Trivial Pursuit 5
  • Trivial Pursuit 6
  • Trivial Pursuit Millennium – Celebrate Facts and Follies (1,000 years)
  • Trivial Pursuit 20th-anniversary edition
  • Trivial Pursuit All Family Edition (Warner Bros.)
  • Trivial Pursuit Totally ’80s
  • Trivial Pursuit time-capsule edition
  • Trivial Pursuit pop culture DVD2
  • Trivial Pursuit greatest ’80s, ’90s, popculture2
  • Movies Mania
  • ’Tis the Season Christmas trivia
  • 25th-anniversary Trivial Pursuit