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The family: Lisa, Marge, Homer, Bart and Maggie. Not shown: Santa's Little Helper (dog) and Snowball II (cat).

The Simpsons is about an everyday family, living in Springfield, and all the mishaps and adventures they find themselves in. One of the most enjoyable aspects of The Simpsons is the world of Springfield, full of other characters fans have come to know and love. Because the characters don't age (much) they find themselves in the same situations time and again: in trouble, fired, competing, being duped, or fighting and making up.

20 years on and this show is still pure gold: wicked satire, a cartoon not really for kids.

The first year it was better made, though: wonderful animation. After that they outsourced it to Korea so the animation is cookie-cutter. The plots and characters still kick though.

Trivia questions

1. Who was the legendary founder of Springfield?
2. Where exactly is Springfield?
3. What denomination does the First Church of Springfield belong to?
4. In the Beatles spoof, who was the "Pete Best" band member replaced by Barney?
5. What was the video game Bart got caught shoplifting?
6. Which recurring characters are Hispanic?
7. What yearly town festival began as persecution of the local Irish?
8. What is the only word Maggie has ever spoken? Extra credit: Who voiced Maggie for that scene?
9. What's the seaside town Marge is nostalgic for?
10. Who voiced Homer's late mother?
11. What's the name of the town's baseball team?
12. What's the brand of beer nearly everybody drinks?
Answers are here!

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