David Caruso...........Detective John Kelly
    Dennis Franz...........Detective Andy Sipowicz
    James McDaniel.........Lieutenant Arthur Fancy
    Sherry Stringfield.....Laura Hughes Kelly
    Amy Brenneman..........Officer Janice Licalsi
    Nicholas Tuturro.......Office James Martinez

The first pilot episode aired on September 21, 1993. And that was the beginning of a hit Cop Show on nighttime TV. Detectives Andy Sipowicz is a good cop who's seen one too many bad guys get hook off. Detective John Kelly is his partner, who's trying to keep him from drinking his career and ultimately, his life away. Together they're detectives at the 15th Precinct in the heart of New York City, where they fight to make sure victims get the justic they deserve-and perhaps get their day in court. They all fight to keep everyone safe and make it better world for the people on the streets.They put away the bad guys who deserve to go to jail and pay for their crimes along the way.