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DONNA: And now me, well you’ll have to read my front msmillennium page to see more about me. I am back and I have been adding a lot more things to my site. And I think it’s coming out quite well. And it’s thanks to the help and fixing of my boyfriend John. The song on this page is one he chose 4 us cause we care so much for each other. Come back soon! As I will be adding new stuff when I can. And more about me as u can tell i love cherries by my page background and i am a fun easygoing person. I love to make people laugh and sometimes cry but u will love what i am doing to my pages and site. It’s all about having fun my web site form the muisc to the game page. To the pages on my fav show etc..... So keep on coming back and visit as often as u like. All my friends are well. JOHN: Well what can I say about him? He has been in my life now for 2yr&8months and still in it. I met him threw online dating. Neither of us knew one another yet at the time but we took a chance talking to each other and went from there. So we are still together and he been a wonderful man in my life. I hope he is always in it.And he's my one and only my forever.I plan on spending the rest of my life with him. He has been great with helping me make my website look as good as my friends I have listed here. Well, we are both trying. I give him my ideas and he runs with them and does good at fixes and editing what I had already done. So, yeah, he’s my boyfriend and I care a lot for him. Plus he has his own website. I added the link at the bottom of page. U all may check it out if u like.

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